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How to choose a suitable cash register or POS system?

January 28, 2024

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A wide range of cash registers and POS systems are currently available on the market. It is often difficult for a begginer to navigate through such an extensive offer. Different needs have a small businessman who offers a simple range of products and services from his own warehouse, and different needs have a retail chain with stores all over the country. However, for all types of retailers, the more extensive the range of goods and services offered, the more varied the customer experience and the more varied the selling prices or discounts, the more sophisticated and robust the POS system should be.

Only specialised POS systems allow setting up many variants of customer programmes, discount promotions and their evaluation. Specialized POS systems also allow active work with inventory, enabling on-line offer and overlay on the connected online store. Of course, specialized POS systems also allow payment on all types of card terminals, cash deposit machines and acceptance of gift or discount vouchers.

The recommended method to make sure that the right choice of POS system is made is to check the use of the selected solution with other customers with a similar product range. Our company WinShop, as well as most other reputable manufacturers of POS systems, provide industry references on their websites, which can significantly facilitate the selection of a POS system.