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Communication with electronic price tags

September 10, 2023

Technological news

Our company is adapting to the latest trends, so it has created a special functionality in WinShop system that allows communication with electronic price tags from the renowned manufacturer Digi. Communication between WinShop and price tags is direct, without the need for operator intervention. In case of using electronic price tags, there is no need to manage the price tags outside the system, but everything is done from one place and the data on the price tags is updated automatically based on changes in WinShop system. Electronic price tags allow retailers to efficiently and error-free set prices for an entire store or chain from a single location. This allows retailers to react flexibly to changes and reflect them in their products. The main advantage of electronic price tags is therefore the immediate ability to update price and product information. Electronic price tags are able to communicate with customers' phones and provide them with additional product information (e.g. a recipe from a given product), while helping retailers save time and speed up internal processes such as stocking, inventory, etc. The graphic design of electronic price tags can be adapted to individual requirements, and it is possible to choose from several sizes of electronic price tags and attachment methods.