About Us

Our company is one of the largest Czech suppliers of information systems for the management of business organizations

History and specialization of the company

We are a stable company with more than a quarter of a century of experience on the Czech market. Since its establishment in 1995, we have focused on the development and supply of business, cash register and warehouse systems. Our long-term presence has allowed us to acquire deep knowledge and expertise in the field of real business, which enables us to offer a quality and stable WinShop system reflecting the latest trends in the industry.

Individual approach to customers

Every customer is unique to us. Whether it's a small shop or a large chain store, we treat them individually. Our goal is to understand each customer's specific needs and provide a solution that meets their requirements and expectations for proper system operation, including the ability to connect to third-party software.

Long-term partnership

We are building not only an efficient system, but also long-term partnerships. Our role does not end after the implementation of WinShop. We provide regular support and service to keep our customers' stores running smoothly. Our experienced teams are ready to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs.

Development of e-commerce

In line with the changing environment and the growing importance of online sales, we decided to expand into e-commerce. The eWinShop system is the result of our efforts to connect online and offline environments. Our goal is to provide modern and functional e-commerce solutions to our customers.

Strategic partnership

Since October 2022, E LINKX a.s., a member of the ED GROUP, has become our partner. The entry of a new and strong partner into our company clearly mirrors the direction of development and professional growth that we have been striving for in the long term.


Our goal has always been to provide our business partners with the largest possible portfolio of quality professional services and first-class products. The merger with E LINKX a.s. gives us the opportunity to focus even more on innovation in the field of software solutions and e-commerce. Together we share a vision of growth and professional progress.

Our Team

The greatest asset of our company has been and will always be our employees. They are a team of intelligent, hardworking, innovative, and loyal individuals who have been with our company for many years, often since completing high school or university. They care not only about their professional and career growth but also about building strong relationships with their colleagues and our customers. Thanks to their exceptional qualities, our company can undertake extensive projects for our customers, always ensuring successful completion.

These individuals are behind the foundation of our company:
Ing. Michal Říha

Michal is responsible for the management of the entire company. His tasks include communication with key customers and leading their projects. Together with Richard, he develops business strategies.

Pavel Valsa

Pavel is a software architect and development lead. He formulates development and technological priorities, programs, and coordinates individual development teams.

Ing. Martin Pinkas

Martin is a server and database specialist. He is responsible for the design and management of SQL databases and server infrastructure.

Richard Pohl

Richard is the business director, co-creates business strategies, communicates with customers and suppliers. His tasks also include the strategic management of the eWinShop department.