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eWinShop is an individual e-shop designed according to customer requirements and set up for the best possible optimization according to the proposed criteria. Thanks to the direct connection to the warehouse system, it can almost instantly adjust the stock and react to the immediate inventory of individual warehouses and stores. Our e-shop system is designed for both B2C and B2C trade options. Each product range has its own specifics and needs and our system can respond to these requirements.

Implemented projects
Average number of months for implementation
Individual functionalities
Orders per year
450 000+


The system is created based on the individual demand of our customers - the cornerstone are the functions that allow a smooth transfer of information from the warehouse system to the e-shop and back to the complete information about each order. In addition to the basic functionality and individual customization, we also have a large number of ready-made modules that can be easily activated on the e-shop. It is therefore possible to launch an e-shop with a smaller project and vision and gradually expand the range of functions for customers. Purely depending on how your sales needs and business strategy adjust over time.

  • Customizing the application layout

  • Fulltext search

  • Automatic communication with WinShop systems

  • Search engine optimization

  • Filtering by optional parameters

  • Multilingualism/ Multicurrency

  • Price levels from WinShop warehouse systems

  • Option to change graphic templates after user login

  • Discount groups from WinShop warehouse systems

  • Wholesale XML feeds

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  • Communication

    Connection to WinShop cash register systems is solved by regular exchange and processing of exported data, or in case of WinShop SQL system by direct communication between MS-SQL < - > MySQL databases. In case of online communication, the stock is transferred in real time from individual warehouses and stores directly to the online store.


  • Payment options

    Several payment gateways can be used for customer payments, which make payments from the customer to the seller in an instantaneous manner. The most commonly used payment gateways include GP-WebPay, PayU and GoPay. For special customer requirements, it is no problem to create a connection to almost any payment gateway.


  • Mobile appearance

    For e-shops, it is possible to create a custom adaptive mobile look and which works independently of the desktop version. The advantage over responsive e-shops is higher loading speed and lower data consumption.

    responsive_mobile visibility.webp

  • Graphical whisperer with categories

    After entering a part of the search text, the search terms are automatically whispered. At the same time, it adds a list of categories that match the search term to the found products. The customer can thus click on one of the offered options, simplifying the search and speeding up the path to the targeted product or category.

    candy_hledani_graphical hepler.webp

  • Export on Heureka.cz

    An additional e-shop setting is a modification that allows regular sending of stock status changes to the heureka.cz portal. On heureka.cz, customers are always provided with up-to-date information about the stock availability of the product.


  • Loyalty programme

    Registered customers earn loyalty points for every purchase they make, which they can later redeem for lots of exciting rewards and gifts.


  • Zásilkovna module

    The e-shop can use the Zásilkovna module. Therefore, when choosing this shipping option, customers will be shown a selection of available branches to pick up their order. The selected branch is then, of course, also written in the order information to the customer, but is also listed in the e-shop administration for a complete overview of the warehouse service.


  • Newsletter

    One of our tools that companies can use very actively on their e-shop is our Newsletter and especially its extension. After deploying the module, it is possible to track the opening, click-through, success and unsubscription of the newsletter. At the same time, the newsletter can be put together in a simple way using the drag&drop function, including inserting items via the product code. Information about the success rate and click-through rate of the newsletter is increasingly proving indispensable for planning campaigns, considering which products are worth marking as special, what level of discount is attractive to customers and how to build the entire newsletter to bring customers to the e-shop. The pearl of the module is, for example, the possibility of setting the newsletter not to be sent to a customer who has already completed a purchase through a previous newsletter.


  • Hover product box

    Hover box function can also be an interesting addition to the e-shop. When you hover over a product in the item list, thumbnails of all photos will be displayed next to the product, which would otherwise be displayed only when you click on the product detail. Among other things, stock availability and other product details are also displayed. The feature makes it very easy for customers to navigate and choose between products that they have already filtered before, without having to open the details of each listed product.



Basic functions

  • Connection to IS WinShop Std.

  • Connection to WinShop SQL IS

  • Product variants (colours and sizes)

  • Languages + foreign currencies

Graphic design

  • Mobile layout


  • DKIM 2048 with its own domain

Payment gateways

  • PayU

  • GoPay

  • Comgate (Agmo)

  • CSOB

  • GP webpay

  • B Payment

  • Tatrapay

  • Paypal

  • M payments Erika

  • Connecting to eet

  • Connecting to another payment gateway

Order status

  • Order statuses of logged-in users

  • Automatic order status changes from WinShop

  • Transferring invoices from WinShop SQL

  • Transfer of invoices from WinShop Std.

  • Sending SMS when order status changes via WinShop gateway

  • Sending SMS when order status changes via sms-sluzba.cz gateway

  • Order tags with filtering option

  • Extended order statistics by transport and payment

  • QR code for advance payment


  • Archive of no longer available products

  • Favourite products (wishlist)

  • Extended favourites (wishlist)

  • Watchdog

  • Connecting to suppliers

  • View 360°

  • Goods in multiple categories

  • Reservations

  • One-click booking

  • Outfits

  • Product Comparison

  • Product videos

  • Smart watermark

  • Related product groups

  • Recommended product groups

  • Returnable packaging

  • Hover box

Delivery modules

  • Mailroom

  • Intime (via Mail order)

  • DPD (via Parcel Service)

  • Slovak Post (via Zásilkovna)

  • German Post (via Mailroom)

  • Polish Post (via the Post Office)

  • Austrian Post (via the Post Office)

  • Royal Mail (via the Post Office)

  • Ukraine Rosan (via Mail order)

  • Slovak courier (via Zásilkovna)

  • Hungarian courier (via Mailroom)

  • PPL Parcelshop

  • DPD Parcel shop

  • Parcel to post office

  • Package to the parcel office

  • Address verification with Smartform

  • Defined lists of branches

Seo and other optimization

  • SEO optimization, user administration of SEO data

  • Parametric url

  • Generation of H1, title and description according to the provided key and individual combinations of parameters

  • User administration for the H1 Generation module

  • H1 and texts according to filter variants

  • Canonical tag for variants of unimportant filters

  • Skip invalid url + automatic redirection (invalid filters, invalid filter values)

  • Editable url of user groups and parameters

  • Pronunciation of expressions

  • New generation webp images


  • Smart search whisperer

  • Graphical whisperer with categories

  • Statistics and redirection of search terms

Social networks

  • Connecting to Facebook

  • Connecting with Google

  • Homepage Instagram plugin

Exports for carriers

  • Exports for Czech Post

  • Exports for PPL

  • Exports for GEIS

  • Direct connection to DPD


  • Price levels

  • Price exceptions

  • Distance selling (destination country VAT rates)


  • Newsletter

  • Newsletter by subscriber groups

  • Extended newsletter

  • Connecting to Ecomail


  • Basic feedy for graders

  • Heureka conversion

  • Heureka verified by customers

  • Heureka widget

  • Heureka store reviews

  • Goods conversion

  • Google remarketing

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Google E-Commerce

  • Facebook marketing

  • Glami piXel

  • Google Analytics

  • Google adwords gtag

Discount Codes

  • Discount Codes

  • Discount codes per category

  • Discount code for free shipping

  • Discount code generated when order status changes

  • Discount code for registration

  • Multiple discount codes

  • Online discount codes WinShop Std. - eshop

  • Online discount codes WinShop SQL - eshop

  • Discount codes budgeted into the price of products

  • Sphere card

  • Alpenverein

  • Bonus program

  • Quantity discounts

  • Cheapest free from N products

  • Gifts

  • Discount levels to groups loaded from WinShop

Photo services

  • Photobooth

  • Photo gifts


  • Permanent basket for logged in

  • A permanent basket for all

  • Import items to cart (CSV)

  • Selection of delivery addresses

Filtration of products

  • Parametric filtering

  • Trimming filters

  • Color and size filter grouping


  • Smartsup chat

  • Supportbox chat

  • Zopim chat

  • Blogging system

  • Administrable branches (Interactive establishments)

  • Online complaints

  • Exports to Silverpop

  • SupportBox eshop plugin

  • Editable transport and payments

  • Sales representatives

  • Side banners

  • Info pop-up

  • Info header alert

  • Generated exports for Retino

  • Returning customers

  • Connection to the Cortex customer system

  • Connection to ARES

  • User-defined forms