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WinShop Basic is a business and cash register system for small business organizations. It belongs to the family of business and cash register systems of WinShop software s.r.o. and its typical users are independent retail establishments with one cash register and one computer in the background. The standard POS terminal is a cash register or computer cash register with connected POS peripherals. The WinShop Basic POS system is designed for users doing business in the Czechia and Slovakia.

The WinShop Basic business and cash register system is designed primarily for:

  • independent tobacco shops
  • mixed goods shops
  • small textile and shoe shops
  • small food and drug stores
  • wine shops
  • gift shops
  • toy and paper shops

The biggest advantages of WinShop Basic:

The WinShop Basic business and cash register system is designed primarily for smaller companies, providing them with several modules that allow them to manage their company more efficiently and simplify their daily work.

  • permanent overview of stock levels and movements

  • customer and loyalty card support

  • complete barcode support

  • automatic printing of price labels

  • statistical outputs in XLS or print reports

  • POS with touch support

  • Invoicing

  • flexible inventory system

  • custom barcode generator and printing

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  • Retail checkout

    This module can be controlled by keyboard or touch screen. The commercial cash register module handles retail sales of goods and services. Each sale is completed by removing the goods and printing a simplified tax receipt. The sales on the commercial cash register can be linked to a registered customer to take advantage of the system of individual customer discounts. The cash register supports various types of payments - cash in CZK or EUR and card payments with the possibility of connection to payment terminals. Goods can be searched on the cash register using an internal code, a barcode or a part of the name.


  • Warehouse

    The warehouse module is a clear tool for tracking stock, goods movements and inventory. Using the individual tasks of the warehouse module, you can sort goods into groups, manage pricing, print individual receipts and sales documents, generate internal barcodes for easy identification of goods or obtain clear print reports of stock or inventory.


  • Invoicing

    The Invoicing module enables the creation of complete tax documents and delivery notes. The usual use of this module is the wholesale activity of a WinShop Basic user or the need to issue a corresponding document for retail sales to a registered VAT payer.


  • Statistics

    The WinShop Basic statistics module allows you to obtain clear print or XLS outputs on sales, invoicing or receipt of goods for a selected period with the possibility of many sorting conditions. Statistical outputs allow the operator to optimize inventory, plan orders to suppliers, evaluate the success of sales in the selected period or monitor the business success of individual sellers.


  • Dialers

    The dials module records the company's partners and system users. The dials are divided into customers and suppliers. Each registered partner, in addition to basic administrative data, provides a list of all its documents / receipts, invoices or receipts / in the form of clear printouts. The diary of users allows assigning rights to company employees and monitoring their activity.