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The development and popularity of mobile applications and software solutions for web browsers led us to the decision to supplement the WinShop SQL business, warehouse and cash register system with a web interface that can be used by employees working "in the field" and who need to manage, acquire or evaluate business transactions on their tablets and laptops with different operating systems. The new WinShop SQL Cloud web application is connected to the WinShop SQL production database by a sophisticated API that can capture, edit and evaluate large volumes of data in real time. WinShop SQL Cloud is not a replacement for the WinShop SQL Back Office application, which in addition to the normal operational functionalities also serves as an administration interface for setting up and parameterizing the entire solution and managing key dialers. However, it is a full-featured tool for solving operational tasks of sales representatives, expeditors or management. It is also a suitable tool for the administration and management of online orders from eWinShop.

The biggest advantages of WinShop SQL Cloud:

A key advantage of the new WinShop SQL Cloud web application is its independence of the operating system type. The ability to run on Android, IOS or Windows devices makes it ideal for use "outside the office". Its features will certainly be appreciated especially by sales representatives working „in the field", but also by management, who will be able to obtain real-time information about the company's economic results during business meetings. The WinShop SQL Cloud web application is therefore another piece in the concept of the WinShop Omni channel solution, which aims to offer WinShop users maximum comfort and functionality for managing their business organization. Due to the possibility of using WinShop SQL Cloud in rental mode, it is also possible to optimize the time costs of its acquisition and operation, since the user pays only for the use and does not have to worry about the purchase and operation of hardware.

  • Online connection to production database using WinShop API

  • Operating system independence

  • SaaS option, the user pays for the period in which the software is provided

  • Easy integration of additional personalised customisations

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    Possible functionalities

    • Companies

    • Catalogue of goods and services

    • EAN and QR code generator

    • Price levels

    • Warehouses

    • Inventory optimization

    • Records of consignment stocks

    • Receipt of goods and services

    • Sale of goods and services

    • Invoices issued

    • Tracking reimbursements

    • Transfer of goods between warehouses

    • Supplier orders

    • B2B orders

    • B2C orders

    • Orders of own establishments

    • Supplier Claims

    • Customer complaints

    • Employee records

    • Analysis and statistics

    • Reporting