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WinShop CRM application allows you to better classify important customer information and at the same time to evaluate the company's business activities more effectively. The primary goal of CRM, also known as Customer Relationship Management, is to focus on clearly collecting all the necessary data about the company's customers, tracking customer communication, the process of business opportunities, and also effectively planning the company's activities with the ability to generate clear statistics. This tool can be used in any department, whether it is sales, marketing or any other area.

The biggest advantages of WinShop CRM application:

The WinShop CRM application is divided into 5 main parts, thanks to which it is possible to find out information about customers and all projects more efficiently. WinShop CRM application brings a range of benefits across the company, where every department can find the information they need in WinShop CRM application to simplify their daily work.

  • effective management of the entire customer contact process

  • automation of tasks

  • project management supervision

  • clarity in customer information

  • meaningful data analysis and reporting

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  • Contacts

    All customer information (contact details, documentation - contracts, invoices, overview of all business activities, other necessary specifications)


  • Projects

    The main objective of the projects is to cover and supervise the timely execution of large-scale customer orders. Certain time milestones can be set for a project that need to be met for successful completion. Both tasks and events can be assigned under a project, so the project manager will have an overview of all activities related to the project. This section allows monitoring not only the time deadlines, but also the total financial resources to avoid overspending.


  • Calendar

    The calendar displays all events or tasks for a company, a user, or just a group of selected users. Thus, you can get a comprehensive overview of the time workload of individual company employees.


  • Events

    Events are smaller-scale activities, mainly related to customer support via the hotline. They are also used to schedule various internal matters such as internal meetings, holidays, as well as consultations and business meetings with customers.


  • Tasks

    Tasks are a summary of all business activities for individual customers by name, individual solvers, deadlines, priorities, time requirements, status of the task, email correspondence and many other specifications that can be set in the task details.