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The WinShop Mobile app for IOS and Android systems is designed for users of the WinShop SQL cash register and warehouse system who need a quick and smart ON LINE assistant to support sales in their retail outlets and want to keep track of their business on their mobile phone.

The biggest advantages of WinShop Mobile:

Winshop Mobile brings a range of benefits that allow the customer to monitor real-time data and work with goods, all directly from their mobile phone.

  • real-time data information

  • statistics

  • instant detailed information about the scanned goods

  • ON LINE reservation for scanned goods

  • information about the status of your points account or customer account

  • list of last purchased products

  • possibility of connection to a mobile barcode printer

  • tabular outputs or intuitive graphs

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  • WinShop Asistent

    The WinShop Assistant function allows you to instantly find out detailed information about the scanned item after reading the item's barcode. Among the information provided are mainly stock availability at the store itself or at other stores of the chain, blocked quantities of goods, or dates of scheduled delivery to the central warehouse or store, related goods or availability of other product variants including images. A practical functionality is the ability to create ON LINE reservations on the mobile phone for scanned goods or to move goods directly to the cash register in the form of a deferred receipt.

    With WinShop Assistant, you can also work with customer cards and provide the customer with information about the status of their points account or customer account when the card is loaded. A list of the last purchased products with the possibility to register any complaints about the purchased goods is also a practical help.

    The Winshop Mobile app can be used in conjunction with a mobile barcode printer to print merchandise labels, shelf labels or price tags for promotional items.


  • WinShop Analyzer

    The WinShop Analyzer function is intended primarily for company management. Based on customer requirements, the application can implement a number of analytical and statistical views of the company's business or the performance of individual employees, including insights into their attendance.

    The most commonly implemented functionalities are daily sales at individual stores, current view of cash on hand, daily or monthly views of TOP selling items at individual stores. All data can be provided in tabular outputs or in the form of intuitive graphs. Among the interesting views of the company's business that can be implemented in this application are analyses and sales comparisons with year-on-year comparisons. The developers of WinShop software s.r.o. are able to prepare a set of additional outputs based on customer requirements to meet the needs of a particular user.



Possible functionalities

  • WinShop Assistant Android/IOS

  • Price and availability check

  • Order records

  • Customer complaints

  • WinShop Analyzer Android/IOS

  • Data analysis

  • Charts