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The Modern POS terminal for the Android operating system offers a variety of functionalities to support retail and wholesale sales. The intuitive user interface provides the operator with all the tools to quickly check-in customers. The WinShop POS Android is an optional alternative POS terminal for the WinShop SQL retail and warehouse system. It operates in ONLINE mode and is connected to the central WinShop SQL server via the WinShop POS API. It is a reliable and affordable point of sale endpoint solution that is used for mobile sales, farm shops, flower shops and other outlets with an emphasis on low acquisition costs or with requirements for a small compact POS solution.

WinShop POS Android can be operated on tablets of all sizes or specialised compact devices with integrated peripherals and payment terminal.

  • Fully ONLINE

  • Real-time sales on the POS terminal

  • Modern POS terminal for Android

  • Low acquisition costs

  • Can be used on a tablet

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