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WinShop SQL is a business, warehouse and cash register system for medium and large business corporations. It belongs to the WinShop software family of business systems and its typical users are retail outlets ON LINE connected to a central server, department stores or wholesale organizations with a large number of users on a local network and external sales representatives connected via the Internet. The standard POS terminal is a computerised cash register or a touchscreen POS unit with cash register peripherals. Special peripherals to be connected are checkweighers, portable data terminals and barcode scanners, camera systems, payment terminals or PDAs. To expand the company's business activities, the eWinShop online shop can be integrated into the WinShop SQL system. The WinShop SQL system is designed for business organisations operating in the Czechia and Slovak Republics.

WinShop SQL system architecture:

The client-side application works in the cutting-edge Microsoft .NET Framework. The application part is programmed in MS C#. Server processes are in native SQL server environment. The data storage is MS SQL Server 2019. The reporting tool is the modern SAP Crystal reports system.

1 000 000+
receipts per month
1 500 000+
individual functionalities

The biggest advantages of WinShop SQL:

The WinShop SQL business, warehouse and cash register system builds on the long tradition of WinShop business, warehouse and cash register systems and takes advantage of all the experience gained to make WinShop SQL a reliable and flexible business, warehouse and cash register system that delivers a wide range of benefits. The solution of the individual modules of the application part of the system together with intuitive operation contributes to the acceleration of individual business processes. By evaluating the turnover of goods, registering minimum warehouse levels and calculating optimum warehouse levels, together with an automated system of supplier orders, it ensures the necessary supply of individual sites. This contributes to the time optimization of inventory acquisition costs and, together with savings in operator time, directly contributes to a rapid return on investment.

  • ON LINE connection of all stations to the central server

  • a permanent overview of the status and movements of inventory at all locations

  • wide selection of promotional and marketing events

  • support for working with suppliers' consignment goods

  • integrated inventory optimization system

  • processing of INTRASTAT and EKOKOM records and support for EDI communication

  • automatic printing of labels and price tags, support for electronic price tags

  • integration of the SAP Crystal Reports reporting tool with the possibility to export in XLS, TXT, HTML, PDF and Chart formats

  • cash register sales with integrated WR system eliminating sales outages when the connection to the central server is lost

  • support for customer and loyalty systems

  • complete support for barcodes, QR codes and RFID identification

  • flexible inventory system

  • automated ordering systems

  • generator and printer of custom barcodes and QR codes

  • generator of press outputs and statistical reports

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  • Exact specification of goods

    Using additional data such as colour, dimension, size, length, model, season - (fashion and sports) or production and serial numbers - (electronics), weight, weight and commercial barcodes - (food, drugstore) or material, dimensional standards and warehouse location - (hardware, logistics warehouses). The extended stock item specification capabilities make it easy to track the movement of individual products from order to supplier, through purchase and inter-warehouse predispositions to sale to customer, including quick availability of all information for complaint resolving purposes.


  • Immediate availability of information

    The WinShop SQL business, warehouse and cash register system provides sales organizations with instant availability of information from all locations and central warehouses thanks to the ON LINE availability of the SQL server data. The timeliness of the required data is ensured by the original SQL interpretation of data requests, which guarantees the speed of the application even with slow internet connections (256 kbs and below). For POS terminals, a unique WR (WinShop replications) system is integrated, thanks to which the risk of interrupted sales in case of connection failure with the central server is completely eliminated.


  • Modern multifunctional POS terminal

    The WinShop SQL Retail checkout application offers a range of functionality to support retail sales. The intuitive interface of basic checkout operations is complemented by a customer card system with customer information (total sales, last purchase by item, favourite items, holidays, birthdays, etc..), product information (instructions for use, certifications and approvals or composition) to the ON LINE search function for goods at other stores. WinShop SQL Retail supports direct communication with payment terminals and MOBITO payment. Of course there is a statistical module for store managers, a shift planner for staff and an Attendance module.


  • Clear statistical and managerial outputs

    For the creation of statistical outputs, the WinShop SQL business, warehouse and cash register system has integrated the modern reporting tool SAP Crystal reports, which enables the creation of clear reports supplemented by many types of graphs. Each report can be exported to MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, PDF, RTF and other formats. Creation of individual outputs is ensured by the report generator or the possibility of ordering individual CR reports.


  • WinShop Dashboard

    Dashboard is a management information tool that allows you to visually monitor and analyze key performance indicators of the company. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual departments. Real-time monitoring reduces the hours of analysis that used to be a major challenge for businesses. Changes in any aspect of the business, be it marketing, sales, customer support or finance, impact the business as a whole. Dashboards allow users to gain a more detailed insight into the workings of the business. A dashboard allows all data to be tracked in one central location. The biggest benefit of a properly designed dashboard is the efficiency and speed you can use to make business decisions. Dashboards can be set on the Winshop SQL homepage according to the client's wishes. Another option for displaying dashboards is the mobile application WS Dashboard, or individual statistics can be sent by e-mail.


  • WinShop PDA

    The WinShop PDA application is designed to process supplier receipts, process and dispatch customer orders, predisposition of items between stores, inventory or query the location of an item and the current stock of items in the warehouse. The application makes it easy for the operator to work with bulk data collection and processing. It uses an integrated barcode scanner to identify stock items during data collection. A clear menu is available to select the type of processing of the retrieved items. The WinShop PDA application is mainly used on mobile portable terminals with Windows MOBILE or Android operating system. The terminals are designed to be drop and wear resistant and are equipped with a high-capacity battery. The device connects to WinShop databases ON LINE via WIFI network or OFF LINE via USB interface. The WinShop PDA application can be used in conjunction with a mobile barcode printer to print merchandise labels, shelf labels or price tags for promotional items.


Back Office - analysis and statistics

  • Analysis and statistics module

  • Press kits

  • Contingency tables

  • XLS exports

  • Power BI exports

Back Office - pricing

  • Price levels

  • Subscriber price lists

  • Individual price lists

  • Price exceptions

  • Promotions itemized

  • Financial Promotions

  • Electronic price tags

Back Office - company and employee dials

  • Customer discount system

  • Records of companies

  • Employee records

  • Attendance

  • Shift planning

Back Office - additional modules

  • Intrastat

  • Ekokom

  • SSCC codes

  • EDI communication

  • GDPR

  • Connecting the camera system

  • Connecting weighing systems

  • Welmec

Back Office - finance

  • Customer and supplier Saldokonta

  • Tracking reimbursements

  • Homebanking

  • Financial cash registers

Back Office - buy/sell

  • Invoices received

  • Sale of goods and services

  • Invoices issued

Back Office - orders

  • Supplier orders

  • B2B orders

  • B2C orders

  • Orders of own establishments

Back Office - complaint

  • Supplier Claims

  • Customer complaints

Back Office - warehouse

  • Catalogue of goods and services

  • EAN and QR code generator

  • Warehouses

  • Warehouse positions

  • Inventory optimization

  • Inventory of stocks

  • Records of consignment stocks

  • Records of production numbers

  • Receipt of goods and services

  • Transfer of goods between warehouses

  • Reservation of goods

Back Office - production

  • Meat production management

  • Recipes

  • Calculation of raw materials

  • Demolition

  • Batch records

  • Production planning

WinShop PDA - possible functionalities

  • Creation of supplier orders

  • Supplier order fulfilment

  • B2B order creation

  • B2B order fulfillment

  • B2C order creation

  • B2C Order Fulfillment

  • Inventory

  • Expeditions

  • WMS position stacking function

  • WMS expiry management function

  • PDT tray

  • Price and availability check

Front Office - sale

  • Printing of price tags

  • Checkout terminal

  • Promotions itemized

  • Financial Promotions

  • Sale of goods and services

  • Sale of consignment goods

  • Sale of products according to recipes

  • Sale of vouchers

  • Search for goods by EAN

  • Search for goods by name

  • Search for goods by code

  • Search for goods by supplier

  • Search for goods by price

  • Search for goods by serial number

  • Manual discount system

  • Billing

  • Price inquiry

  • Purchase of packaging

  • Statistics and analysis

  • Customer complaints

Front Office - additional modules

  • Sale SAZKA

  • Topping up credit vouchers

  • Connection to TAXFREE systems

  • Connection to checkweighers

  • Remittance system

  • Financial Treasury

  • Attendance records

  • Shift scheduling

  • Monitoring the achievement of business objectives

  • Customer display with multimedia

Front Office - warehouse operations

  • Creation of delivery notes

  • Creating transfers between warehouses

  • Formation of depreciation

  • Creation of inventories

  • B2C order processing

  • Dispensing point for B2C orders

Front Office - payment system

  • Combined payment methods

  • Cash

  • Card

  • Voucher

  • Rechargeable vouchers

  • Foreign currencies

  • Meals

  • Connection to deposit machines

  • Connection to card terminals

  • Payment of invoices issued

Front Office - customer system

  • Customer records

  • Customer discount system