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WinShop Std. is a warehouse and cash register system for small and medium-sized business organizations. It belongs to the WinShop software family of business and cash register systems and its typical users are OFF LINE retail establishments connected to a central server, department stores or wholesale organizations. The standard POS terminal is a computerised cash register or a touch screen POS unit with POS peripherals. Special attachable peripherals are checkout scales, portable data terminals and barcode scanners, payment terminals and camera systems. To expand the company's business activities, the eWinShop online shop can be integrated into the WinShop Std. system. The WinShop Std. system is designed primarily for commercial organizations doing business in the Czechia and Slovakia. The system can also be ordered in English and German versions. MS Visual FoxPro 9.0 is used as a programming tool during development. Data is stored in a native database. The company WinShop software s.r.o. guarantees compliance with the legislation of the Czechia and Slovakia and also ensures the application of new knowledge in the field of business processes in the updates of the WinShop Std. system. The installation of the WinShop Std. system is carried out by the implementing company and includes user training.

The biggest advantages of WinShop Std.:

WinShop Std. is a reliable and flexible business, warehouse and cash register system that brings a range of benefits to make everyday work easier. In addition to a large number of advantages, the WinShop Std. system can adapt to individual customer requirements and due to the business and multi-licensing pricing strategy of WinShop software s.r.o. the purchase price of the WinShop Std. system is very favourable compared to business systems with similar features. The price of the application is final and there is no obligation to purchase any annual upgrades. However, if interested, the customer can request to be sent an upgrade to any newer version of the system and thus fully upgrade their application for the price of the current upgrade only.

  • OFF LINE connection of all sites to the central server

  • automatic distribution of data to stores and the centre via FTP interface

  • support for customer and loyalty systems

  • complete barcode support

  • flexible inventory system

  • processing of INTRASTAT and EKOKOM records and support for EDI communication

  • automatic printing of labels and price tags, support for electronic price tags

  • central overview of stock levels and movements on all sites

  • cash register sales with many payment types including foreign currencies and MOBITO

  • wide selection of promotions

  • support for working with suppliers' consignment goods

  • integrated inventory optimization system

  • custom barcode generator and printing

  • printouts of statistical information with the possibility of export in XLS formats

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  • Exact specification of goods

    The WinShop Std. warehouse and business system enables precise specification of items by using additional data such as colour, size, model, season - (fashion and sports) or production and serial numbers - (electronics), weight, weights and commercial barcodes - (food, drugstore). With extended stock item specification capabilities, it is easy to track the movement of individual products from order to supplier, through purchase and inter-warehouse predisposition, to sale to customer, including quick availability of all information for complaint resolving purposes.


  • Fast availability of information

    The WinShop Std. warehouse and cash register system brings business organizations fast availability of information from all business premises thanks to FTP data exchange between premises and the center. Data is typically updated once a day after the end of the day's sales. This provides owners and managers with enough data to react flexibly to business trends and inventory developments and can prepare an appropriate marketing strategy.


  • Modern, user-friendly POS terminal

    The WinShop Std. POS module offers all the functions of a modern POS application. The operator has a simple interface for making sales, support for customer cards and promotions, a system for quickly searching for goods by entering a barcode, product code or supplier code via a full-text search option by part of the name. The checkout module supports the identification of sales personnel during sales and thus the creation for individual evaluation of the success of each salesperson. Of course, it also supports the resolution of complaints at the cash desk with the printing of complaint reports.


  • Clear statistical and managerial outputs

    The WinShop Std. warehouse and cash register system uses an originally designed data model to quickly and efficiently capture statistical information. According to the required specification, a wealth of sales, purchasing and inventory information can be obtained with a multitude of sorting criteria and filters. The TOP function is a matter of course. Most reports are directly exportable to XLS format.


  • WinShop PDA

    The WinShop PDA application is designed to process supplier receipts, process and dispatch customer orders, predisposition of items between stores, inventory or query the location of an item and the current stock of items in the warehouse. The application makes it easy for the operator to work with bulk data collection and processing. It uses an integrated barcode scanner to identify stock items during data collection. A clear menu is available for selecting the type of processing of the retrieved items. The WinShop PDA application is mainly used on mobile portable terminals with Windows MOBILE or Android operating system. The terminals are designed to be drop and wear resistant and are equipped with a high-capacity battery. The device connects to WinShop databases ON LINE via WIFI network or OFF LINE via USB interface. The WinShop PDA application can be used in conjunction with a mobile barcode printer to print merchandise labels, shelf labels or price tags for promotional items.