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Implementation of WinShop Std. in ŠUJAN PARK s.r.o.

March 12, 2024

WinShop Implementation

In company ŠUJAN PARK s.r.o. we implemented the WinShop Std. system, which offers a number of innovative functionalities to support the registration and sale of live plants and the sale of other specific horticultural assortment. ŠUJAN PARK s.r.o. company it also uses an android application for Motorola mobile terminals, which significantly simplifies work with a specific assortment of goods, especially thanks to the possibility of loading data for individual items and subsequently transferring this data to the system, where the operator can work with it further.

ŠUJAN PARK s.r.o. company started growing plants in the yard of a family house in the village of Skačany, where there was also a store at the same time, but gradually the company expanded, so they decided to buy another garden and sell ornamental plants to other garden centers.

The company continued to grow, but did not want to leave Skačany, so they decided to buy more land in this location, where they still operate today. In 2005 the garden center was opened, which gradually expanded, and in 2010, the Šujan Cafe was also opened on the premises.

We believe that ŠUJAN PARK s.r.o. will be satisfied with our system and we will visit this beautiful Šujan Zahradnictví again soon.