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What is the future of self-service checkouts?

January 21, 2024

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You've probably noticed various media discussions on the future of self-service checkouts. For us, as a manufacturer of POS systems, the conclusions of these discussions are very interesting and help us in the further development of applications and devices for self-service shopping.

Most surveys on this topic divide respondents into basically two camps. The former almost uncritically admire the use of self-service checkouts as a symbol of progress and independence, while the latter just as convincingly reject their use, arguing that they are slow to select and complicate the required interaction with the operator. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Self-service checkouts are a convenient addition to the modern store, speeding up shopping for customers who have a small number of products and prefer the ability to purchase without the need for operator contact. For customers who, on the other hand, prefer to interact with a cashier or have large purchases with items that cannot be identified by barcode or RFID, a traditional cash register with a helpful attendant should be available in the store.

Our company expands its solutions offer with simple self-service cash registers for stores with POS system WinShop SQL. However, it is also possible to use self-service checkout solutions with security features of an integrated AI camera system for anti-theft protection, which we implement as part of a partnership program.