Květiny Novák

The story of the company

Customer: Květiny Novák Praha, a.s.

Květiny Novák Praha a.s. has been operating on the flower market since 1992. It attaches particular importance to the quality of flowers and their freshness when selecting goods for its customers. The company delivers flowers from its wholesale warehouse, where the flowers are imported from the Dutch flower exchange, to its 29 stores located in large shopping centres across the Czech Republic. Here, of course, it offers not only cut flowers but also additional products such as potted flowers and gift items.

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Establishment of the company

The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

The flower retail segment is quite specific, working with a perishable product range of cut and potted flowers. For this reason, it requires accurate record keeping and inventory optimization, controlled depreciation and the ability to quickly reorder from wholesale. Another important functionality is the ability to continuously monitor payments and cash levels at individual stores, including a quick inventory count. A significant facilitation of the work of the shop attendants during the receipt of goods is the automated merging of cut flowers from wholesale under individual type stock cards at the shop based on predefined parameters. Also unique is the method of creating ties and making bouquets, which highlights the current stock of cut flowers and their price. The solution also includes automated generation of statistical sales results for management and corporate accounting.