The story of the company

Customer: BLUE BOX s.r.o.

The Italian fashion brand REPLAY always presents comfortable and timeless fashion in its collections, but does not shy away from elements of elegance. Its success is worldwide, and the number of stores in the Czech Republic is already impressive. The company has installed WinShop Std. in its stores. Replay brand was founded in 1978 in Italy by Claudio Buziol. In the beginning, the brand specialized mainly in T-shirts and polo shirts, later the assortment was expanded to include shirts and polo shirts. The popularity of the brand grew and in 1986 it went beyond Italy to the international market. In 1994, the typical Replay jeans appeared and in 2001 the first footwear under this brand was launched. Today's product range includes, in addition to those already mentioned, dresses, jackets, shorts, perfume and many other products, and branches can be found in all European Union countries.

The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with the BLUE BOX operational management, we have modified WinShop Std. solution for the needs of selling branded textiles with many functional improvements that today speed up and simplify the work of the purchasing department as well as the sales and inventory management. WinShop Std. business and warehouse system at BLUE BOX covers all sales and stock operations, plans a wide range of promotions and manages the customer discount system for VIP clients. WinShop Std. production data is used to create analytical reports. REPLAY stores use a stable POS system that is user-friendly, hardware-light and operationally independent of the central server, from which it draws OFF LINE data at adjustable intervals.