SP KOLO (Specialized)

The story of the company

Customer: SP KOLO, s.r.o.

The company SP KOLO s.r.o. was established in 2006. The shop with a sales area of more than 300 m2 and service is located in Prague 4, where customers can find professional help with the selection of bicycles and accessories. SP KOLO s.r.o. offers sales and service of bicycles, as well as authorized service of Specialized and Haibike brands and professional adjustment of the RETÜL FIT seat. Other services include bike rental, bike and seat testing, RETÜL FIT - more than just bike fitting, it's the way to learn about the body, how to uncover the root causes of pain and how to achieve cycling goals, as well as advice and second-hand sales, sales of sportswear, parts and accessories, custom bike building and much more. The shop also includes a youth cycling club, whose members represent across a variety of cycling disciplines.

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The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

WinShop Std. POS and warehouse system covers all the needs of warehouse records, all forms of business transactions, realizes orders created on the company's e-shop and enables the use of automatic loading of invoices from suppliers. It provides the necessary information to the company e-shop including stock availability and pricing. WinShop Std. production data is used to create statistical reports for company management and corporate accounting.