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Implementation of WinShop SQL system in ALD STORE s.r.o.

March 25, 2024

WinShop Implementation

In March, we successfully completed the planned transition of the entire solution from the older version of the WinShop Std. system to the most modern solution for managing retail networks - WinShop SQL in ALD STORE s.r.o. As part of the transition, not only tools for trading and stock records were implemented, but also a tool for creating a data base for BI analyzes and communication with an external accounting system.

The company ALD STORE s.r.o. focuses primarily on selling women's and men's shoes, handbags and other accessories, and its history dates back to 1972, when a young Aldo Bensadoun's shoe line debuted on six feet of department store shelves. In 1978, Aldo Bensadoun opened the first free-standing ALDO store in Montreal and in 1993 in America. Subsequently, in 1995, the company expanded to the international market.