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Launch of new e-shop www.trafco.cz

August 30, 2023

eWinShop Implementation

In the middle of the summer holidays we completed and launched a new e-shop eWinShop on the domain www.trafco.cz for TRAFCO CZ s.r.o. TRAFCO CZ s.r.o. is a wholesale company operating since 1992. It specializes in the sale of a wide range of beverages, tobacco and accessories not only for catering establishments but also to end customers. For its sales and warehouse operations TRAFCO CZ s.r.o. uses our WinShop Std. An interesting element of the e-shop is the activated module "Returnable packaging", which was directly offered as a necessary function for an e-shop with beverages such as www.trafco.cz. Thus, for specific selected items, when they are added to the cart, packaging is automatically added as well, which is then counted as a separate item by the e-shop and warehouse.