The story of the company

Customer: BENY, SPOL. S R.O.

BENY is a family jewellery company with a long tradition. In 1976 Tunë Topalli opened the first jewellery shop under the TOPALLI brand in Rovinj, Croatia. The business flourished and in 1977 the jewellery shop was expanded with another store, also in Rovinj, Croatia. In 1985, the filigree range was slowly abandoned and the TOPALLI jewellery shop began to concentrate on the manufacture and sale of gold jewellery and the diamond and precious stone trade. In 1985, the company also changed hands, with son Zef Topalli taking over the management. In 1991, part of the family business begins to move to Prague, due to the war in the former Yugoslavia. The first jewellery shop under the TOPALLI brand was opened in Prague in 1993, specifically in Jindřišská Street. A year later, another jewellery shop under the TOPALLI brand was opened in Prague, this time in Milady Horákové Street. In 1995 the company was renamed BENY. In 1997 another jewellery shop was opened in Prague, directly on Wenceslas Square. In the following years, the first two stores were closed and a new store was opened in the historical centre of Prague in Karlova Street. In 2000, the son of Zef Topalli - Arben Topalli - became the new director and owner. In 2005, the director and owner Arben Topalli gained a reinforcement in the management of BENY in the form of his younger brother Vitor Topalli. In 2007, BENY becomes an authorized dealer of world-famous brands such as Hamilton, Longines, Maurice Lacroix, Montblanc, Oris, Parmigiani, Perrelet, Rado, Raymond Weil, Tag Heuer, Tissot, Zancan, Zenith and others. In the following years, a new store was opened in Pařížská Street, the jewellery atelier was expanded, the production of custom jewellery, where customers have the opportunity to design their own wedding and engagement rings, started and at the same time an e-shop was launched.

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The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

The jewellery and watch segment requires perfect record keeping of items. In the case of gold and jewellery, we record mainly the grammage, purity, stone type, size and many other parameters. Items are marked with jewellery labels with an individually generated barcode. The computer at the receiving end is linked online to a jewellery scale which transmits the quantity weighed to the item received. The e-store is linked online to the warehouse system and displays the immediate availability of the items for sale. Each order is transferred to the WinShop warehouse system where the operator automatically issues a delivery note and invoice.