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Chládek zahradnické centrum

The story of the company

Customer: Chládek zahradnické centrum s.r.o.

Chládek garden centre focuses mainly on the sale of outdoor and indoor plants. In Chládek gardening you can find plants from many Czech growers, but at the same time plants are also imported from abroad - from Holland, Italy, Germany and Denmark. In addition to plants, it also offers its customers all gardening supplies and accessories such as fertilizers, substrates, tools, decorations, etc. The horticulture shop also runs their own plant nursery and thus they maintain the quality of their plants at a high level. You can also enjoy your visit to the garden centre by sitting in Chládek restaurant.

Year of realisation
Years of cooperation
Establishment of the garden centre

The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

The segment of sales of goods in garden centres is specific, working with an assortment of plants, cut and potted flowers, and involves the use of tools for bouquet tying and depreciation records. It is also a seasonal sale with a lot of pressure on the POS system just during the seasonal peak period. At the same time, especially in the spring and summer months, the collection of customer orders on portable terminals in the outdoor garden is used. WinShop, in cooperation with the management of Chládek company, continuously adds to the business, warehouse and POS system WinShop SQL a number of new functionalities that reflect the current requirements and trends in the sale of goods in garden centres.