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Zahradnictví Dvořák a syn

The story of the company

Customer: Zahradnictví Dvořák a syn s.r.o.

The company Zahradnictví Dvořák a syn s.r.o. has a rich family history connected with gardening. František Dvořák started growing and trading plants as early as 1940. Despite the historical complications with the business in our country, the company has managed to maintain and continue to develop until today. Today the company has a large shop in Teplice, where it all began, and another shop in Most. The company offers indoor and outdoor plants, cut flowers, decorations of all kinds including accessories such as ceramics, candles and other gift items. The garden centre area also includes Café Dvořák a syn, where customers can enjoy not only great coffee and cake, but also a wonderful breakfast or afternoon snack, all surrounded by beautiful flowers.

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The biggest advantages of WinShop solutions

The segment of sales of goods in garden centres is specific, working with an assortment of plants, cut and potted flowers and implies the use of tools for bouquet tying. It is also a seasonal sale with a lot of pressure on the POS system just during the seasonal peak period. At the same time, sales at portable terminals in the outdoor garden are used especially in the spring and summer months. An important part of the whole solution is also the connector to the e-shop and the subsequent web order processing in the WinShop SQL system.