The story of the company

ESPACE Retail s.r.o.

Espace Retail was founded in 2014 and operates a network of branded stores focusing on sports, outdoor and urban fashion. It currently operates 14 stores in Czech Republic, such as the official monobrand stores of Vans, The North Face or dual-brands Puma & Under Armour and Lee & Wrangler. Customers can purchase goods both in brick-and-mortar stores and on the e-shop.

Increase in orders
+ 100%
Increase in turnover
+ 200%
Increase in conversion rate
+ 100%
Increase in conversion rate on mobile devices
+ 100%

Individual menu

The main menu on the e-shop is automatically generated based on the parameters listed in the product price list.

Interactive shops

The company offers customers the option of picking up their order at one of their wide selection of stores. Adjusting active or inactive stores for this option can be done in the e-shop administration depending on the flexibility of business decisions and planning.

More currencies

On the e-shop, customers can choose if they want to buy items in EUR or CZK.

Product sizes

By setting up conversion tables, it is possible to display defined sizes on the e-shop to be displayed to customers, so even if the stock system lists product sizes in US sizes, the e-shop can display their EU size equivalent to customers.