The story of the company

Customer: Ferona, a.s.

Ferona has been selling metallurgical materials on the Czech and Slovak market for almost 200 years. In 1829, L. G. Bondy founded a hardware wholesale in Prague, which in 1919 became a joint stock company called FERRA a. s. Despite various periods of transformations and mergers with other trading companies, the company "Ferona, národní podnik, Praha" was established in 1972. In mid-1989, Ferona became a state-owned enterprise. At the beginning of the 1990s, the joint-stock company Ferona was established, whose core business is wholesale trade focused on the purchase, storage, processing and sale of metallurgical products, metallurgical secondary products, non-ferrous metals and related hardware products. As part of the privatization process, Ferona, a.s. became a private company in 1995. The retail outlets form an integral part of Ferona a.s.'s portfolio of sales channels and are primarily focused on the sale of metallurgical materials and hardware products to retail customers.

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The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

Ferona a.s., through the mouth of its employees, appreciates on the business, warehouse and POS system WinShop SQL above all, the complex retail terminal with easy and intuitive operation and a multitude of integrated functions, innovative solutions of bundled checkouts ensuring safe sale of more expensive products and more complex orders executed at multiple workplaces of the retail store. Operations staff highlight first and foremost the trouble-free and reliable nature of the entire solution and, for example, the ON-LINE interfacing with scales that speeds up the sale of fasteners. The accounting department was pleased to note that the collection of accounting data and its processing directly in the company-wide accounting system has been greatly simplified, and management appreciates the set of statistical outputs needed for operational decision-making.