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Customer: Music Stall s.r.o.

FILM GAME e-shop uses many specific modules. In recent years, this e-shop has been a winner or finalist of Shop of the Year competition in the category of movies and music.

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WinShop Std.

The connection to our POS and warehouse system WinShop Std. is done via text files. These are exchanged between the warehouse system and eWinShop at regular intervals. The connection transfers complete information about products, prices, customers and orders.

Parameters in detail

The information on the film titles is very detailed. The customer can find all the parameters specified by the publisher in the product details, including, for example, cast, director, picture type, etc.

Simple search

The search engine also offers categories that exist on the e-shop. Thus, the customer can search for products directly from the area of interest if the search term exists in the parameters or categories.