Flamengo květiny

The story of the company

Customer: Flamengo květiny s.r.o.

Flamengo was founded in 1996 and since then has built the largest network of shops with a wide range of cut flowers, house plants and accessories in the Czech Republic. It currently operates more than 200 stores, mostly in shopping centres, department stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In its business activities and customer care, the company wants to maintain high standards, so it invests energy in controlling customers' purchasing behaviour, staff attitude, management system and quality control of goods - these steps then keep Flamengo one step ahead of the competition and constantly moving and developing its business. Sister company of Storge - a cut flower wholesaler who sends the freshest flowers, directly to branches in each city.

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The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

The flower retail segment is quite specific, working with a perishable range of cut flowers. For this reason, it requires special optimization tools for inventory, a flexible way of ordering goods from the wholesale market and, last but not least, a set of control tools for tracking attendant sales, depreciation and sales records. The method of creating and making the bouquets is also quite unique, as it must accentuate the current stock of cut flowers. Business, warehouse and POS system WinShop SQL, implemented at Flamengo, is also directly connected to sister wholesaler Storge, which is the supplier of all goods for Flamengo stores. This concept allows for fast supply to the stores and also provides important feedback for ordering goods in the Netherlands.