The story of the company

Customer: Steinhauser, s.r.o.

The name STEINHAUSER has always been associated with fresh meat, fragrant sausages and a smile behind the counter. The tradition of craftsmanship, which dates back to 1790, was continued in the 1990s by the next generation of Steinhausers. Today's STEINHAUSER brand stands on traditional foundations, is a symbol of modern meat production, a company that holds not only all the necessary national and international certificates, but also the status of a training centre for Czech and European veterinary hygienists. High care for product quality, hygiene and orderliness in the operation is a daily standard. The meat production plant is also connected to its own stores.

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The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

The sale of meat and sausages requires the management software to have many specific functionalities that must ensure compliance with applicable legislation, enable the customer to be accurately informed about the products purchased and provide the operator with an intuitive and reliable POS terminal. At the same time, the POS system must be certified to WELMEC standards for connected checkweighers and communicate with the service scales in real time. All these functionalities and many more, which reflect the current requirements and trends in the sale of meat products in butcher shops, our POS and warehouse system WinShop SQL includes.