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Zahradnictví Líbeznice

The story of the company

Customer: Zahradnictví Líbeznice s.r.o.

Zahradnictví Líbeznice is a purely Czech company and a member of Association of Garden Centres. In Zahradnictví Líbezníce customers can buy plants for outside, inside and balconies, also garden equipment and all the necessary tools. Among other things, customers can order flower arrangements and decorations for the house or garden. The company also offers garden implementation and maintenance. The garden centre also includes Café Líbeznice, where customers can enjoy not only great coffee and cake, but also a wonderful breakfast or afternoon snack. Zahradnictví Líbeznice operates its own online shop TRUHLIKOV.CZ, where you can buy already planted boxes, everything you need for the garden, as well as home decorations, luxury kitchen accessories, natural cosmetics or quality Czech delicacies from local suppliers.

Year of realisation
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The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

The segment of sales of goods in garden centres is specific, working with an assortment of plants, cut and potted flowers and implies the use of tools for bouquet tying. It is also a seasonal sale with a lot of pressure on the POS system just during the seasonal peak period. At the same time, sales at portable terminals in the outdoor garden are used especially in the spring and summer months. All these functionalities are provided by the implemented WinShop SQL business, POS and warehouse system to the satisfaction of Zahradnictví Líbeznice.