Selected references

Our company has completed more than 3000 implementations in 30 years. In selected references we have prepared a description of some of our implementations for customers with an emphasis on their business area. Thus, you can get to know several typical implementations in each of the listed areas and compare their story with your needs. If you are interested in the solutions of the reference customers, please contact us and we will be happy to present the selected solutions in detail. If you have not found one that meets your needs among the references, please contact us at and describe your requirements, we will send you the corresponding reference and propose a tailor-made solution to your needs.

Sport Equipment

Sportswear and sporting goods stores are a fast-growing sector. Many innovative functionalities of WinShop business system help our customers to develop further.

WinShop POS and warehouse system in Sport version provides users with maximum comfort in tracking, selling and evaluating the success of items with sizes and colours or length and dimension. This record-keeping detail increases the efficiency of ordering goods, enables interfacing with eshops and, last but not least, increases the ability of the staff to quickly inform the customer about the availability of the required goods in their store and in other stores of the chain. Other necessary parameters of the goods are information about Season, Brand, Model, Material and Manufacturer. An integral part of WinShop system for Footwear and Textiles is the support of sales to clients with loyalty cards and a range of promotions such as N+1. The actual retail sales are usually made on computerised cash registers and touch-screen terminals.

The main advantages of the system include:

  • electronic display of documents from suppliers
  • accurate stock records of goods in detail to sizes, colours, lengths and dimensions
  • ON LINE connection to e-shops
  • fast inventory counting using portable data terminals
  • OFF LINE or ON LINE retail chain management system
  • EDI communication, customer and supplier order fulfilment
  • sales on all types of POS terminals with barcode and QR code support
  • ON LINE connection to all types of payment terminals
  • support for recording and evaluation of suppliers' consignment goods
  • sales support and registration of gift vouchers
  • statistical information and analysis of sales or stock turnover
  • sending daily sales information by SMS or email

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