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Our company has completed more than 3000 implementations in 30 years. In selected references we have prepared a description of some of our implementations for customers with an emphasis on their business area. Thus, you can get to know several typical implementations in each of the listed areas and compare their story with your needs. If you are interested in the solutions of the reference customers, please contact us and we will be happy to present the selected solutions in detail. If you have not found one that meets your needs among the references, please contact us at and describe your requirements, we will send you the corresponding reference and propose a tailor-made solution to your needs.


eWinShop is an individual e-shop designed according to the customer's requirements and set up for the best possible optimization according to the proposed criteria. Thanks to the direct connection to the warehouse system, it can almost immediately adjust the stock and react to the immediate inventory of individual warehouses and stores. The connection to the WinShop POS systems is solved by regular exchange and processing of exported data, or in the case of WinShop SQL system by direct communication between the MS-SQL < - > MySQL databases. In the case of online communication, the stock is transferred in real time from individual warehouses and stores directly to the online store.

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