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Jiná Zahrada

The story of the company

Customer: Jiná Zahrada s.r.o.

Jiná zahrada Gardening strives to provide its customers with pleasant and clear spaces in its stores, where they can find not only inspiration for building their garden, but also everything they might need to make it happen. In addition to offering a range of outdoor and indoor plants and accessories for growing, planting and maintaining them, Jiná zahrada also offers complementary products such as interior fragrances and decorations. It also runs a small, stylish café in its branch in Chabařovice, which is a place for customers to relax. Jiná zahrada operates a gardening shop with 2,900 m2 of outdoor space and 1,900 m2 of indoor space.

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The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

The segment of sales of goods in garden centres is specific, working with an assortment of plants, cut and potted flowers and implies the use of tools for bouquet tying. It is also a seasonal sale with a lot of pressure on the POS system just during the seasonal peak period. At the same time, especially in the spring and summer months, the collection of customer orders at portable terminals in the outdoor garden is used. WinShop, in cooperation with the management of Jiná zahrada, continuously add a number of new functionalities to the WinShop SQL system, which reflect current requirements and trends in the sale of goods in garden centres.