The story of the company

Customer: VersaCo s.r.o.

VersaCo s. r. o., major distributor of leading Czech and foreign manufacturers of school and office supplies, was founded in 2009 and the first branches were opened in Prague and Zlín. In 2022, VersaCo s. r. o. operated a total of 43 stores in 19 cities in the Czech Republic and in 2019 VersaCo s. r. o. also launched its own e-shop. Among the most famous brands that VersaCo s. r. o. offers in its stores and e-shop are Herlitz, Pilot, Pentel, Stabilo, Koh-i-noor, Centropen, Maped, Parker, Kores, Lamy, Oxford, Tesa, Snopake, Albi, Aladine, Moleskine, Hama, Posca, Filofax, Pelikan, UNI (Ball), Monami, Marvy Uchida, and many others.

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The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

Thanks to our long-term cooperation, we were able to deliver and customize a comprehensive information system for VersaCo, which forms the basis of all business and warehouse operations. WinShop SQL business, POS and warehouse system covers all the needs of stock records, all forms of business transactions, realizes orders created on the company's e-shop, supplier orders and covers orders of individual stores. It provides the necessary information to the company's e-shop, including stock availability and pricing and in the application created for mobile terminals, it accelerates order processing and dispatch of goods to customers from the central warehouse. WinShop SQL production data is used for automated creation of analytical reports, the system communicates with suppliers and provides data for corporate accounting.