The story of the company

Customer: myFoodMarket s.r.o.

SKLIZENO is a Czech network of food stores. The offer is dominated by food from small and medium-sized producers from the Czech Republic, supplemented by foreign food. SKLIZENO focuses mainly on the sale of farm products. It offers a wide range of vacuum-packed meat, chicken, sausages, cheese and other dairy products, sourdough bread, sweet pastries, teas and spices, vegetables and gluten-free food from Czech and Moravian farmers. SKLIZENO was founded in 2011, and in 2016 it merged with competing companies Náš Grunt and MY FOOD. In May 2018, the network consisted of 51 stores, restaurants and bistros partly owned by the company and partly franchised.

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Establishment of the company

The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

The biggest advantages of the system include the real-time management of all stores and the simultaneous management of franchise stores. WinShop, however, offers a number of other advantages such as connection to DIGI weighing systems or ON LINE consolidation of supplier orders.