DAVID sport Harrachov

The story of the company

Customer: DAVID sport Harrachov s.r.o.

DAVID sport Harrachov is a dealer of sports clothing, accessories, footwear and equipment for a wide range of sports, both winter and summer. In particular, equipment for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, skialpinning, snowboarding, cycling and trekking can be found in the shops of DAVID sport Harrachov.

Year of realisation
Years of cooperation
Switching to WinShop SQL

The biggest advantages of WinShop solution

Thanks to many years of cooperation, we have supplied DAVID sport with a solution tailored to their needs in many ways. WinShop SQL business, POS and warehouse system currently covers all the needs of DAVID sport for warehouse records, all forms of business transactions, realizes orders created on the company's e-shop, enables time-limited reservations of goods for customers and provides a customer discount system. Production data of the system WinShop SQL is used for the automated creation of analytical and statistical reports that facilitate the ordering of goods and communication with suppliers.